Sherilyn + Vu | SDE

This SDE was literally a treat since Sherilyn surprised Vu with the presentation. He had no idea we were capturing for the evening show! I was blown away by Vu and his vows to Sherilyn. Through our meetings he was very calm and quiet, but when it was time at the ceremony it was nothing short of poetic. Enjoy their SDE.

It was your typical heated summer day, but the bridal party were amazing working with us. I spent time with Patricia & Florante during their engagement shoot and it was fun to recognize all their little quirks during their wedding day portrait session. Their reception speeches were both humorous and emotional, which makes me excited to cut their feature film! Enjoy their SDE.

Louise + Christian | SDE

What was the happiest day of your life and was it at the happiest place in the world!? I briefly met Christian at his sister’s wedding a few years back where we also presented a same day edit. To reconnect with him and Louise and have a chance to shoot at their favorite place in the world was so much fun. They are disney pros and put that extra touch of magic in every detail. Here’s a small glimpse. Enjoy their SDE!

Emma & Ron wanted to celebrate their anniversary with their family and friends. With their adorable children at their side, we took on the rainy weather and captured some really great moments. It was a challenge to get Ron to smile, but he was no match for Ryan’s charm and his pretty lenses =). Enjoy their highlight film at the San Francisco Theological Seminary.

Two Thousand and Fifteen

As the 2015 chapter closes, I reflect on the moments. I’m so thankful for the trust that was given to us to capture these temporary pauses on very important days. A beginning.

It is a beautiful process to work with both stills and cinema. To relive those “thousand words,” or to watch your story unfold on screen has been a joy to witness. I happily welcome 2016, but will always remember our growth in these shared moments with our new friends and family.















The Prayer.

Erlinda & Donte gave us a couple of specific shot requests. This was one of them and we really appreciated the moment with the group. It seems serious, but by the end of the night we were all smiles and dancing like crazy. When I say “all,” I mean literally, even us vendors. We had too much fun with the bridal party and families!

Please inquire for a password to browse the videos on our blog and website as I am still sorting and updating our content. I can’t wait until everyone sees our new wedding films!


Marisa + Jaeson | 10.1.16

Things happen for a reason. Cliché, sorry. A November portrait session with wacky weather, tricky. Sinking in mud to get the angle, worth it. We’re still a ways from the big day, but I can’t wait to work with Marisa & Jaeson. They actually got a peak at us working a family member’s wedding, but were too shy to confirm if it was us =). Also, I saw an amazing video of their proposal and it involved a detailed plan with a custom, real-life pinterest board! Kudos, Jaeson. I hope some of our pics make the cut!


Maternity Portraits

As I continue to update the website, I am happy to be sharing some new content with everyone. Again, I appreciate your patience as I update the website.

I am fairly new to the maternity shoot, but I can already see how unique this is. Mother’s have a special glow and confidence about them that I can’t explain. The way they touch and look at their tummies. It is such a sacred gift and the gentleness is so peaceful. My friend reached out to me and I was thrilled to be able to capture this for them. I’ve always said that my future kids would have awesome slideshows if they wanted one. Maybe some day this picture will make it if “Kaleb” ever has one!


Engagement Season

During the holiday season I like to wind down and reflect on the rigorous summer of weddings and events. I also like to think about all of the couples who are secretly planning that special moment for their significant other. The proposal. It is crazy to think about everything captured in a 8 to 14 hour wedding day as opposed to a 1 hour portrait session with a newly engaged couple. Some may pose a challenge to capture a candid moment with direction while others naturally fall into it. Either way, I am so motivated of the possibilities in either situation. This was their moment.


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I hope everyone enjoyed a fun and safe Halloween! I have an update with the website. I’m mostly updating our videos, but can share mores samples with you via email inquiry based on your wedding venue or location. The company highlight videos have already been re-uploaded which really depict our style of shooting and attention to detail. We hope you enjoy a more cinematic experience while watching. Lastly, I’m excited to share our 2014 & 2015 highlights before the year ends. Stay tuned for that!