What a busy day! Between the fast pace of all the events going on during the day and the rain pouring most of the afternoon and evening, finding time to pull Pamela & Joseph away from the fesitivites for a photo shoot was no easy task. But, we finally caught a break when the weather let up a bit and there were a few minutes to spare before the next event, so we rushed to grab them for a quick shoot. Even though we only had about 10 minutes, we still managed to get a lot of really great shots with some very dramatic night-time lighting. Joseph and the guys were having a lot of fun and goofing around all day, doing warrior chants and dances from Tonga. Pamela wanted us for her wedding so bad and I am glad that we were available and able to be there on her special day. On a side note we did a wedding for Melody one of Pamela’s bridesmaids back in 2007 as well and it was great seeing her and Edgar again. Enjoy the SDE!