Another big weekend for the Lumitone team. We started with Vinesh and his lovely bride Natalie early Friday morning to do photo and video at the Sunol Valley Golf Course for their traditional Indian Wedding ceremony and reception complete with Bollywood style performances. Later that day we did an evening wedding for Natasha and Colby at the Palm Event Center in Pleasanton that featured a great same day edit and party with a group we knew well since we did Natasha’s sister’s wedding a couple years ago as well.

On Saturday team one went with Mary & Gerald to the San Mateo Marriott with a stop at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco for a photo session. They had two traditional Chinese ceremonies in the morning with Family and tea ceremony later in the day at the hotel as well. Everything went great and the SDE was enjoyed by all!

Team two was with Tiffany and Andrew at the Silver Creek Country Club in San Jose. Despite the heat in the South Bay they were great sports in helping us capture the essence of the day and were up for anything cool to help the team. The entire day was organized really well and they were fun to work with. Enjoy the SDE!

On Sunday we circled back to Vinesh and Natalie for a traditional Catholic Wedding ceremony St Josephs in Mountain View and western reception at the Sunol Valley Golf Course. This was a much longer day that started with getting ready activities in Fremont, a trip over the bay and back and a really nice photo / video session we had with the bride and groom near sunset before the reception. The blending of the two families really seems to work for this couple and fun was had by all as they danced the night away. Enjoy a few of our favorite pics from the two days!