One team started on August 27 doing Photo & Video for Jennie & James at the old St Patrick’s Church in San Francisco while the other team worked on Myron & Denise’s Wedding which also had a ceremony at a St Patrick’s Church but in Rodeo.

Here are a couple photos from Jennie & James

On August 28 we had double same day edits. One team shared a crazy day with Julie & Jason who got married at the Temple Emanu-El. Everything ran a little late and the reception included a cake that crashed to the ground, but the bride & groom took it all in stride and never let it get to them. The other team spent the day with Mela & Keith who got married at the Chapel of Our Lady in San Francisco. We had the pleasure of working alongside Ed Pingol, who gave us a great photo session at the Legion of Honor to work with in our SDE.

Enjoy the SDE’s…