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Erin & Erik | Highlight Film

I’ve been drawing a lot of inspiration from reception speeches at our weddings. I’m redirecting my attention to story and focusing on building the narrative within our highlight films. Usually, I spend more time on that with the feature film, but lately I’ve been finding opportunities do so in the highlight version thanks to the kind words from our Maid of Honor’s and Best men! Enjoy their trailer.

Jackie & Kevin | Highlight Film

September and the Palm Event Center at Ruby Hill are an amazing marriage. Second to Jackie & Kevin! I worked with Jackie throughout the planning and thought she was so sweet and understanding with everything. Especially the details in cinematography and capturing a wedding. When I finally got to meet Kevin, I instantly saw how attentive he was to Jackie. I love seeing the Chinese traditional door games to see how far our groom’s will actually go! Alongside Ed Pingol Photography and team, there wasn’t a chance would miss anything from the big day! Enjoy their highlight film.

Laura & Nate – SDE

We got the best of both worlds this past weekend. A bridal party of lawyers, surgeons and doctors who knew how to party. We were able to maintain professionalism for the most part. It was ridiculously easy to film the bunch with so much character and confidence on camera. Laura gave me a heads up that they were an energetic couple. I let myself be the judge of that and they did not fail! We hope you’ll enjoy these bits of the day that make shooting weddings a little more fun. Enjoy!