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C + N | 6.28.15

We thought traffic delays would get the best of us on this wedding day. With a SF Giants game and the “Pride” parade, we drew concern getting across from the bay to the Bridges Golf Club in San Ramon where the ceremony and reception was. However, after our photo session around the Fairmont SF, we quickly grew to go with the flow and literally breathe in these special moments in front of us. I loved how relaxed Cindy & Nicholas were throughout the day and this teaser pic shows them taking that time to enjoy it.

C + N

I was so excited to capture this new joy for my new family since being married. I took a small detour with the wedding editing and poured my attention to capturing this new chapter for “K.” I always hear about new beginnings with newly married couples, so it is a treat to tell this short story about becoming a parent. I love portrait photography, but the cinema side of the camera will always be able to express just a little bit more than those “thousand words.”

Vi + Derek – SDE

There was too much fun going on with our wedding party! So much energy, so much fun and pushing the boundaries of our typical photo shoots. Vi & Derek are naturally entertaining in front of the camera which makes shooting enjoyable. A little bit of direction to cater to personalities, but confidence nonetheless, to capture a unique moment. I had the pleasure of shooting with Derek’s family last year for his sister’s wedding. I can’t say how awesome it is to be a part of the family for a second time around. Enjoy the SDE!