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Angela + Duane- SDE

We were excited to shoot on the beautiful grounds of the Casa Real Ruby Hill Winery. I can’t get enough of their property and all that it provides for our videos! There was a lot of anticipation leading up to this day with Angela and Duane. Angela seemed very calm throughout the day and we even got some good laughs during our mini photo sessions. Duane was very relaxed, but I fed off his energy when he was off camera. It just so happens that Angela is friends with our Lumitone bride from last year and it always brings joy when we hear nothing but positive things about the full feature dvd they received. I have to admit, there was a little pressure on me for the same day edit. We had to live up to the hype! Check out some of the moments in their SDE! Enjoy.

Jennifer + Joseph – SDE

Jennifer & Joseph set the stage for us in the beautiful sights of Union Square in San Francisco. I grew up in the east bay part of California, but now that I live in the peninsula, I never take for granted what is nearly 15 minutes away from me. To have your wedding set in this wonderful city is truly a perfect beginning to a story. With the artistry of photographer Ed Pingol and team, Lumitone was able to capture some great moments. I was thrilled by Jennifer & Joseph’s song selection for their same day edit. It allowed me to push myself further and create something outside what we normally have time for. Enjoy their SDE!