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Jackie + Noel – SDE

Last weekend, we found ourselves at the Palm Event Center for a second weekend in a row! I can’t complain because the venue is always the perfect backdrop for a shot. I am not sure if Noel & Jackie prayed extra, extra hard for perfect weather because that’s exactly what they got. I couldn’t point my camera in any direction without having the perfect light. Sheesh, right!? Of course there’s always some instances where we have to work around it, but you’ll know what I mean when you see their same day edit. We got a great reaction from their families and an amazing comment from one of their guests that still has me on a high from that night. Enjoy their SDE!

Michelle + Greg – SDE

With all the expenses, bookings, follow-ups, contracts, organizing, decorating and 4,063 other things you have to take care of before the wedding, I find it very sweet when couples take the time to give each other a gift to start their special day. In 9 years, I’ve never seen such a thoughtful gift for someone especially when they’ve been wanting for it for 12 years! Truly a moment I take with me from the day. We’ve been lucky to work with the Palm Event Center on more than two occasions this year and will actually be working there again next week as well! Enjoy Michelle and Greg’s same day edit. Their families had so much energy!