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These guys were so fun to work with! You can tell in the SDE how much their friends love them and how playful they all are with each other. The day was pretty crazy traveling from Ruby Hill in Pleasanton to the Cathedral Basilica in San Jose and then back to Ruby Hill for the reception. We barely had enough time to travel and park and get situated after every drive but we worked it out. Enjoy the SDE!

Julie & Johnny – SDE from Lumitone on Vimeo.

It’s always great working with a talented team of vendors and it really helps to set the tone and quality of the wedding. We love working with photographer Ed Pingol – he makes our job easier. Keeping up with a fun and spirited bridal party on a 100+ degree day is challenging. Add to that about 300 guests with similar personalities we had our hands full! The energy kept us on our toes, though and fed the adrenaline.

Marvelyn & Jayson – SDE from Lumitone on Vimeo.