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We began the day and finished the day at the beautiful Santa Clara Marriott property right next to Great America and the brand new 49ers stadium. It’s easy to forget that a wedding is a “work” day for lumitone. Especially when your circle of friends are the people who hired you! Naturally, we make new friends every weekend during our season, but Stephanie & Kristopher took that further and made us family instead. Enjoy their SDE.

While we continue full speed into our busy (and sometimes hectic) wedding season, it was a pleasant surprise to arrive at Anna & Ervin’s calm and relaxed wedding day. The actual timeline was in tact consistently throughout the day. The day included a fabulous trek around the bay area – including the Pleasant Hill Marriott, Vallejo’s St. Vincent Church, and the always lovely Boundary Oak Golf Course in Walnut Creek. It made it easier for us to utilize our time for filming and editing! Enjoy their SDE.