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To some people, a rainy day means all activities should remain indoors. For us, it means nice and even light for our wedding films! Jennifer and John (and their bridal party) arrived in style with not one, but THREE Rolls Royce cars before exchanging vows at the amazing California Golf Club of San Francisco. It was our first time shooting there, but what a joy it was to have high window structures that gracefully invited all of the available light from outside. Their families were very welcoming and definitely showed us how to have a good time. It was hard to believe we were working! Enjoy their SDE.

Candice and Ben had a very unique, 1920’s themed wedding. The rain did not hinder their spirits, even as they exchanged their vows in the midst of a downpour in Esprit Park. Their ‘throwback’ celebration came to life as all the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and guests dressed for the era to enjoy a roaring reception at Big Daddy’s Antiques in San Francisco. We all had a blast! Enjoy the SDE.

This was a fun wedding. Van and his guys were energetic and silly from the start of the morning, getting ready for the two tea ceremonies that were to come.  Linda and her girls looked amazing and everyone was super chill and fun to work with the whole day.  We got some great photo & video at Stanford before moving on to our next spot in downtown San Jose.  The day was a little cold, but everyone toughed it out for some really great shots.  Enjoy!