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What a great day for a wedding in Pleasanton. The sky was clear and the weather warm but not hot and just a beautiful day to get married. Linda was a bridesmaid at a wedding last weekend for Shikah and now this week is the bride with Shikah as a bridesmaid. This is the first time Lumitone has done weddings for brides we have seen in back to back weekends. Linda and Dong were great to work with and they had a great team of talented people with Tyler Vu doing photography and Spintronix at the helm of the party handling the MC and DJ positions. There was a hiccup with some decorations that had the bride concerned and before you could blink Alyssa from Casa Real took charge and flipped the entire room in less than a half an hour before guests even came in. Casa Real is a such a great venue and the staff there always goes above and beyond for the couple, the guests and the vendors. This SDE features a lot of scenery around the property and some new special effects from Final Cut Pro X. Enjoy!

Lumitone sometimes has a busy weekend and this was one of them.  We started on Thursday morning with Shikah & Ravi and also had a Friday event with them followed by their full wedding day on Saturday.  I love Indian weddings with all the colors of the saris the women wear, the performances that seem to always happen, and sense of family that they all share.  Shikah and Ravi are also extremely nice people to work with and we had a great time.

On Saturday our second team spent the day with Margarita and Timothy who had their wedding ceremony at the always beautiful Stanford Church.  We did a same day edit for them and our standard 3D slideshow.  They were great to work with, very mellow, and clearly enjoying their day.  You could feel the love between them and I think it shows in the SDE.  The reception was great and the MC/ best man was really funny.  Enjoy!

Margarita & Timothy – SDE from Lumitone on Vimeo.

Finally on Sunday we did a wedding for Michelle and Brian who were reconfirming their vows at a full wedding ceremony and reception with friends and family at the lovely Wente Vineyards in Livermore.  I really like this couple and they could not have had a better day in Livermore.  It was in the mid 80’s all day, with nice sun that led to some really great light in our shots that you will see in this SDE.  I think it might be my favorite same day edit of the year.  The wedding was great and the day could not have been better.  Enjoy!

Michelle & Brian – SDE from Lumitone on Vimeo.

Sometimes Lumitone likes to travel if the venue is right and the couple is right and it really could not get much better than Hawaii with Isabelle and Adam. From filming their Save the Date video last year to just a few days ago with a pre-wedding photo session, they were so laid back and easy to work with.  The wedding went off without a hitch and Isabelle had the utmost faith in all of her vendors to get the job done and never stressed about anyone or anything.  We shot at the beautiful Oceanfront Oasis property owned by Kathy Ireland, which is a wonderful beachfront house that frequently hosts celebrity parties.  We got the same day edit done with time to spare and the crowd loved the entertainment.  On a side note this is the same song as a video last week but as always the couple does choose the music. Enjoy!

This was a great wedding and a blend of Hindu and Christian cultures in a dual pastor ceremony. Ritasha and Joe and the whole bridal party were great to work with and really made working in the heat a lot easier on us because they were so great to be around. Palmdale Estates in Fremont is a wonderful venue for an outdoor ceremony and reception and the staff was great there as well. Our same day edit was made in a fairly small window but met a huge round of applause with the crowd. Enjoy!

Veronica and George had a beautiful (and a little warm) day in Livermore and San Ramon at the Bridge’s Golf Club. These guys really know how to throw a party as they had almost everyone dancing. They also had several traditional Mexican folk dancing performances and Mariachis. It was a great night. In terms of the SDE we challenged ourselves on this one by using the newly released Final Cut Pro X which has met a controversial release but seems to be great for the same day edits. It is really fast at ingesting and working with the Canon 5d MK II footage in its native format and the 64bit rewrite has led to some serious CPU optimization for rendering and background encoding. This is Lumitone’s first SDE with the new Final Cut. Enjoy!