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It has truly been an honor to work with CC and Amber Sabathia, and the PitCCh In Foundation. It was a humbling experience to see a superstar player giving back to his hometown. CC clearly has not forgotten where he came from and is very generous with organizations in Vallejo, California. Stay tuned for a recap of this weeks “Christmas Caravan.” Like everyone who saw him in public, we also wanted to get a picture with the All-Star!

The Lumitone Crew with CC Sabathia

We logged over 200 miles in Saturday’s 14-hour celebration with Linh & Bao. The night ended with Michael Buble coming through strong for our same day edit. His song “Everything” has been the top pick song among our couples this year and can be seen in several of our SDE’s. Of course our couples can choose any song they want, but this song seems to resinate the message everyone wants on their big day. Speaking of big days… did I mention over 200 miles? We went everywhere, but definitely had the most fun doing the photo session at Stanford in the rain as you will see in the video. Linh and Bao really took care of us with great company, great food and great people. Enjoy!

We had the privilege of shooting a Nike product commercial for CC Sabathia and his PitCChin Foundation which featured several student athletes at Vallejo High School. This one day shoot was fun for us and the kids, and a nice little side project from our weddings. Enjoy!

We shot this video a couple weeks ago in Berkeley for Isabelle and Adam. They were a fun couple to work with and it is cute how they played with each other while we were shooting this. Isabelle came up with the concept and we brought her vision to life. It is a chase video where the viewer at the end needs to chase them to their wedding in Hawaii in July. We look forward to working with them there!

Being able to capture this special day was a joy. Such an easy going couple, it was as if they’ve been married before. And they literally have, with each other of course! Lily & CQ had a beautiful, traditional wedding celebration overseas earlier this year. With so many friends and family in the United States as well, they decided to put together another celebration to ensure their respect, love, and appreciation was shared with all! With the winter season on us, the weather was nice enough to let us play outside and capture some beautiful moments with our bride and groom.