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After 11 years together, Tina & Bryan finally tied the knot! Everyone was wondering what took them so long, but one thing they knew was that, after all this time together, this was a relationship that was meant to be. Tina & Bryan were great to work with and braved the cold with us to get some great night shots at the reception. While we were getting ready Bryan and the guys had some real (and some not so real stories) to share of the bachelor party or lack there of, and of all the hands on activities of making things for the wedding. Tina and her girls got ready with the expert help of Maria from PMA who once again proved resourceful using her bag of tricks to get  a chocolate spill fixed for a flower girl. The ceremony was at the Buddhist Temple in Mountain View and the reception was at the beautiful Silver Creek Valley country club in San Jose.  Enjoy the same day edit!

What a busy day! Between the fast pace of all the events going on during the day and the rain pouring most of the afternoon and evening, finding time to pull Pamela & Joseph away from the fesitivites for a photo shoot was no easy task. But, we finally caught a break when the weather let up a bit and there were a few minutes to spare before the next event, so we rushed to grab them for a quick shoot. Even though we only had about 10 minutes, we still managed to get a lot of really great shots with some very dramatic night-time lighting. Joseph and the guys were having a lot of fun and goofing around all day, doing warrior chants and dances from Tonga. Pamela wanted us for her wedding so bad and I am glad that we were available and able to be there on her special day. On a side note we did a wedding for Melody one of Pamela’s bridesmaids back in 2007 as well and it was great seeing her and Edgar again. Enjoy the SDE!

These guys were a blast to work with from beginning to end. Butch is a real jokester with his expressions and poses he wanted to do but also in the comedy he does with his friends. You can see some of their engagement photos and a save the date video we made for them on our main website and now you can enjoy a few photos from the wedding and their same day edit as well. They threw one heck of a party for well over 200 guests at the San Jose Marriott in downtown. Their ceremony took place in Fremont at the Holy Spirit Catholic church, which is very pretty and nicely lit. We had a great time with them and hope they enjoyed the day as much as we did.

Here are some photos

Here is the same day edit