Karin + Danny – SDE

What’s a same day edit without hiccups? I’ll let you know when I find out! I find joy in fast problem solving, but nothing beats a wedding with a same day edit. I can’t put into words what it takes to accomplish such a task within the allotted time of a wedding. Let’s just say, we make our luck. Every time. In all seriousness, this service is not only gratifying for our couples and guests. We enjoy seeing their faces as the story unfolds. Not to mention, the bridal party was basically our past clients with SDE’s too! Enjoy Karin & Danny’s SDE.

Last January, my sister took a vow to marry the man of her dreams. I was very honored to speak at their wedding as a newly married man and share the day with their close friends and families. I’ve always been proud of my little sister, but I can not believe how radiant she was on her special day. If you’re wondering if I shot the video, I did not! However, I was able to offer her our services with some perks of course! Enjoy their highlight film.

Time flies. Melanie & Nick spoke with me exactly one year from the date of their wedding. Their growing family became one and we enjoyed every minute of the day getting to know their characters. Nick, very calm and direct. Melanie, crazy fun and relaxed. They lit up the Vacaville Opera House and had their guests rocking on the dance floor all night! Enjoy their highlight film.

Jennifer + Jimmy – SDE

Jimmy & Jennifer came to me in December of 2014. There wedding was as short 2 months away, but I’m glad we were still available to spend and capture the event! As always (more times than none), I recognized some good friends of mine that I haven’t seen since my college years at the University of California, Santa Cruz. This would confirm Jimmy’s familiarity and why I would connect with the lovely couple. We both had a love for basketball and the Golden State Warriors. Enjoy their SDE set in the lovely Palm Event Center in Pleasanton.

Casa Real is a once in a lifetime experience. If you ever get invited to a wedding taking place at that property, do everything you can to be there! Although we are preferred vendors, I never take for granted what a backdrop it provides for our cinematography. Pauline & Andrew are both in the Dental industry and did a “sweet” job with their theme. Enjoy their highlight film.

The Company Demo

As the year is coming to an end, I am updating our demos and content for the website. I have been overwhelmed with my own “post wedding” activities and holiday preparation, but I am doing my best to keep you updated with cool features from previous weddings. Please enjoy one of our newest demos. We have been so blessed to work with new vendors and meet new people along the way. We are very excited for 2015 and whatever is in store for Lumitone. Please inquire within as our prices are changing next year!

I am married!

I started working in the wedding industry in 2006. I always wondered what my own wedding would be like considering I’ve seen over 300 in my lifetime as a wedding filmmaker. The planning was pretty stressful, but I give all credit to my wife. With the help of Ed Pingol Photography and of course, Lumitone, I was able to take in the best day of my life and not worry about savoring memories. I was hesitant to share this, but I thought it’d be nice to show I am human and very much in love like everyone else planning their wedding! Enjoy.

Sylvia + Tony – SDE

This past weekend we found ourselves in the beautiful city of Carmel, Ca. We like wearing all black at events, but it does pose a challenge in 99 degree weather! As always, we love seeing familiar faces at our events from past weddings. In particular, our past twin brides (different wedding days) were sending off their little sister on her new chapter. I almost forgot their love for dogs, so I made it a point to feature some of the pups that actually made it to their same day edits in the past. Sylvia & Tony were very relaxed and did a great job keeping the entertainment rolling for their guests. The bridal party kept the humor alive during the day. Be sure to catch the moment of sisterly love in the video. Set in the romantic scenery of the Quail Valley Lodge Golf Course, we present their SDE. Enjoy!

Angela + Duane- SDE

We were excited to shoot on the beautiful grounds of the Casa Real Ruby Hill Winery. I can’t get enough of their property and all that it provides for our videos! There was a lot of anticipation leading up to this day with Angela and Duane. Angela seemed very calm throughout the day and we even got some good laughs during our mini photo sessions. Duane was very relaxed, but I fed off his energy when he was off camera. It just so happens that Angela is friends with our Lumitone bride from last year and it always brings joy when we hear nothing but positive things about the full feature dvd they received. I have to admit, there was a little pressure on me for the same day edit. We had to live up to the hype! Check out some of the moments in their SDE! Enjoy.

Jennifer + Joseph – SDE

Jennifer & Joseph set the stage for us in the beautiful sights of Union Square in San Francisco. I grew up in the east bay part of California, but now that I live in the peninsula, I never take for granted what is nearly 15 minutes away from me. To have your wedding set in this wonderful city is truly a perfect beginning to a story. With the artistry of photographer Ed Pingol and team, Lumitone was able to capture some great moments. I was thrilled by Jennifer & Joseph’s song selection for their same day edit. It allowed me to push myself further and create something outside what we normally have time for. Enjoy their SDE!