Gaozong + Andrew | 1.9.16

I met up with Gaozong & Andrew in Monterey, Ca to shoot their engagement portraits. I captured a lot of great moments with these two and I don’t think I’ve ever worked with a couple who fell into a pose so easily on command. Literally, never had to adjust them other than asking to look at the camera once in a while! I was immersed in how well they interacted with each other and how much they perfected the “almost kiss” without too much puckering up (#noduckface haha). We had a blast at the beach (saving those for later!) and to think it was just a place where Andrew used to eat his lunch. The evening came together perfectly and I hope I get to shoot there again some time.


Jessica & Patrick – SDE

We had the perfect day in San Francisco and had the pleasure of working with JEZA PHOTOGRAPHY. This was the first wedding where I had to stop and pause at all the surprises that Jessica & Patrick had in store for us. From their stylish gifts to each other, to a “big bang” reception, this was truly a night to remember for their families and friends. Not to mention, their SDE of course! Enjoy.

C + N | 6.28.15

We thought traffic delays would get the best of us on this wedding day. With a SF Giants game and the “Pride” parade, we drew concern getting across from the bay to the Bridges Golf Club in San Ramon where the ceremony and reception was. However, after our photo session around the Fairmont SF, we quickly grew to go with the flow and literally breathe in these special moments in front of us. I loved how relaxed Cindy & Nicholas were throughout the day and this teaser pic shows them taking that time to enjoy it.

C + N

I was so excited to capture this new joy for my new family since being married. I took a small detour with the wedding editing and poured my attention to capturing this new chapter for “K.” I always hear about new beginnings with newly married couples, so it is a treat to tell this short story about becoming a parent. I love portrait photography, but the cinema side of the camera will always be able to express just a little bit more than those “thousand words.”

Vi + Derek – SDE

There was too much fun going on with our wedding party! So much energy, so much fun and pushing the boundaries of our typical photo shoots. Vi & Derek are naturally entertaining in front of the camera which makes shooting enjoyable. A little bit of direction to cater to personalities, but confidence nonetheless, to capture a unique moment. I had the pleasure of shooting with Derek’s family last year for his sister’s wedding. I can’t say how awesome it is to be a part of the family for a second time around. Enjoy the SDE!

While I was on the official honeymoon, the Lumitone team was still in full force and ready to capture this special day for Carla & Gino. The Bridges Golf Club in San Ramon never fails to provide the perfect backdrop for a wedding and we are especially excited to feature our new a la carte drone service. Although based on availability, we hope to to share this everyone in the near future. Carla & Gino are set for their 2nd wedding with family in the Philippines in June, but here is a little snippet they will bring with them to share!

Karin + Danny – SDE

What’s a same day edit without hiccups? I’ll let you know when I find out! I find joy in fast problem solving, but nothing beats a wedding with a same day edit. I can’t put into words what it takes to accomplish such a task within the allotted time of a wedding. Let’s just say, we make our luck. Every time. In all seriousness, this service is not only gratifying for our couples and guests. We enjoy seeing their faces as the story unfolds. Not to mention, the bridal party was basically our past clients with SDE’s too! Enjoy Karin & Danny’s SDE.

Last January, my sister took a vow to marry the man of her dreams. I was very honored to speak at their wedding as a newly married man and share the day with their close friends and families. I’ve always been proud of my little sister, but I can not believe how radiant she was on her special day. If you’re wondering if I shot the video, I did not! However, I was able to offer her our services with some perks of course! Enjoy their highlight film.

Time flies. Melanie & Nick spoke with me exactly one year from the date of their wedding. Their growing family became one and we enjoyed every minute of the day getting to know their characters. Nick, very calm and direct. Melanie, crazy fun and relaxed. They lit up the Vacaville Opera House and had their guests rocking on the dance floor all night! Enjoy their highlight film.

Jennifer + Jimmy – SDE

Jimmy & Jennifer came to me in December of 2014. There wedding was as short 2 months away, but I’m glad we were still available to spend and capture the event! As always (more times than none), I recognized some good friends of mine that I haven’t seen since my college years at the University of California, Santa Cruz. This would confirm Jimmy’s familiarity and why I would connect with the lovely couple. We both had a love for basketball and the Golden State Warriors. Enjoy their SDE set in the lovely Palm Event Center in Pleasanton.