Catherine & Laurence | SDE

Ragina + Eldrick | SDE

I learned very quickly that Robert was a comedian. This is a perk to being friends with a groomsman who’s wife is also in my circle of friends. We had some great laughs and the outakes will be a short film in itself ha! Aileen gave us a timeless look with her beautiful wedding gown and a night to remember with family and friends to go with it. Enjoy their highlight film.

Cheryl & Al | Highlight Film

Some of the first questions people ask me when I respond “yes, I’m filipino” is “do you know Tagalog?” My family speaks the native tongue, but I only understand my specific dialect Kapumpangan. However, I am slowly learning since my wife and her family speak it! On this day, I wished I understood because the language sounded so beautiful considering its context and moments they were in. Enjoy their highlight film.

Leilani + Mark | SDE

Tall. Mark is tall. Leilani, not as tall, but matched with everything else =). These two were too much fun to work with. We got to enjoy the grounds at Stanford University and take advantage of the beautiful surroundings on a gorgeous day. Things cooled off at their Hotel Sofitel reception, but that’s only because there was air conditioning. The bridal party kept it, as the youth are saying it, “lit.”

Laura Elena & Francisco | SDE

I greatly appreciated Laura Elena’s commitment to tradition. In the comfort of her family’s home and asking the approval from her mother during her final dressing moments. Such romance between these two with sounds of Mariachi throughout the day. Enjoy their SDE.