Planning outdoor weddings in November can be risky. Venues like Palm Event Center that have indoor ceremony locations aka “the barrel room” that are just as lovely as the outdoor spots ensure a perfect wedding day no matter the weather. Luckily these two got the sunny day they wanted. They started off in San Francisco, where the boys had it easy for “door games” at the traditional, Chinese tea ceremony. Actually, they muscled their way into the entrance! I’ve never seen that happen, but it was quite amusing when it did. Enjoy the SDE.

Garman & Danny – SDE from Lumitone on Vimeo.

The details of a wedding create stories within themselves. From gifts to decor to their uniquely travel-themed reception, Angela & John put significance in everything. They held nothing back, and as the night progressed they treated their guests to a special duet performance that was probably the best I have ever seen at a wedding. Not surprising since she used to be a singer in a pop band! Enjoy the SDE!

Angela & John – SDE from Lumitone on Vimeo.

In our 7th year of business, it is becoming common to see our past couples in or at the wedding. It humbles us that we are referred by friends or families and it is a true testament to our mission of building relationships and capturing stories that last a lifetime. Four years ago we filmed the wedding of Dianne’s sister. We were thrilled to be invited back by their wonderful family and truly enjoyed being a part of Dianne and David’s special day.

Dianne & David – SDE from Lumitone on Vimeo.

Matt is a car guy to be sure – he has owned some very nice automobiles. It was only fitting that their reception was held in the Blackhawk Auto Museum with millions of dollars worth of classic Ferraris and such around us. The day started at the Embassy Suites in Walnut Creek and rolled right along to party the night away in Danville. Enjoy the SDE.

Ria & Matt – SDE from Lumitone on Vimeo.

Livermore winery weddings in the summer and early fall can sometimes be uncomfortably hot, but this day was perfect. The sun dipped behind the main building in time to shade the intimate ceremony, which was observed by a small group of friends and family. It could not have been better. Enjoy the SDE

Lisa & Nate – SDE from Lumitone on Vimeo.

Sometimes I catch myself holding back some emotions while witnessing personal wedding vows. That becomes more difficult when you see a groom not only shed tears, but sing his vows as well! It was great to be a part of Adrienne and Jason’s special day, and we were thrilled to catch up with not one, but TWO of our previous Lumitone couples who were in attendance for the big day. Enjoy the SDE.

Adrienne & Jason – SDE from Lumitone on Vimeo.

These guys were so fun to work with! You can tell in the SDE how much their friends love them and how playful they all are with each other. The day was pretty crazy traveling from Ruby Hill in Pleasanton to the Cathedral Basilica in San Jose and then back to Ruby Hill for the reception. We barely had enough time to travel and park and get situated after every drive but we worked it out. Enjoy the SDE!

Julie & Johnny – SDE from Lumitone on Vimeo.

It’s always great working with a talented team of vendors and it really helps to set the tone and quality of the wedding. We love working with photographer Ed Pingol – he makes our job easier. Keeping up with a fun and spirited bridal party on a 100+ degree day is challenging. Add to that about 300 guests with similar personalities we had our hands full! The energy kept us on our toes, though and fed the adrenaline.

Marvelyn & Jayson – SDE from Lumitone on Vimeo.

We began the day and finished the day at the beautiful Santa Clara Marriott property right next to Great America and the brand new 49ers stadium. It’s easy to forget that a wedding is a “work” day for lumitone. Especially when your circle of friends are the people who hired you! Naturally, we make new friends every weekend during our season, but Stephanie & Kristopher took that further and made us family instead. Enjoy their SDE.

While we continue full speed into our busy (and sometimes hectic) wedding season, it was a pleasant surprise to arrive at Anna & Ervin’s calm and relaxed wedding day. The actual timeline was in tact consistently throughout the day. The day included a fabulous trek around the bay area – including the Pleasant Hill Marriott, Vallejo’s St. Vincent Church, and the always lovely Boundary Oak Golf Course in Walnut Creek. It made it easier for us to utilize our time for filming and editing! Enjoy their SDE.