Jennifer + Joseph – SDE

Jennifer & Joseph set the stage for us in the beautiful sights of Union Square in San Francisco. I grew up in the east bay part of California, but now that I live in the peninsula, I never take for granted what is nearly 15 minutes away from me. To have your wedding set in this wonderful city is truly a perfect beginning to a story. With the artistry of photographer Ed Pingol and team, Lumitone was able to capture some great moments. I was thrilled by Jennifer & Joseph’s song selection for their same day edit. It allowed me to push myself further and create something outside what we normally have time for. Enjoy their SDE!

Jackie + Noel – SDE

Last weekend, we found ourselves at the Palm Event Center for a second weekend in a row! I can’t complain because the venue is always the perfect backdrop for a shot. I am not sure if Noel & Jackie prayed extra, extra hard for perfect weather because that’s exactly what they got. I couldn’t point my camera in any direction without having the perfect light. Sheesh, right!? Of course there’s always some instances where we have to work around it, but you’ll know what I mean when you see their same day edit. We got a great reaction from their families and an amazing comment from one of their guests that still has me on a high from that night. Enjoy their SDE!

Michelle + Greg – SDE

With all the expenses, bookings, follow-ups, contracts, organizing, decorating and 4,063 other things you have to take care of before the wedding, I find it very sweet when couples take the time to give each other a gift to start their special day. In 9 years, I’ve never seen such a thoughtful gift for someone especially when they’ve been wanting for it for 12 years! Truly a moment I take with me from the day. We’ve been lucky to work with the Palm Event Center on more than two occasions this year and will actually be working there again next week as well! Enjoy Michelle and Greg’s same day edit. Their families had so much energy!

Last June, we did a mini road trip to Lake Tahoe. I can’t remember being in Tahoe on a summer day, but now I will never forget it. It was very hard to steer my eyes away from the beautiful scenery that Christine and Allen placed us in. A reality check came quickly when I realized I was there to shoot! I am so happy they decided to get a highlight film of their wedding. Not only do I get to put my hands on some awesome destination footage, but I also get to help them relive their beginning. Please enjoy this short highlight.

Richelle + Kie | SDE

When I walked into the bridal suite at Boundary Oaks Golf Club in Walnut Creek, I immediately saw Richelle on the couch relaxing. I always like to see the transformation of emotions as the hours go by. I didn’t sense any nervousness from her, in fact, she was pretty serious and a hard read at times. She loosened up a bit and by the end of her final touch ups she was laughing and joking with me about football and wedding planning. Then, the moment came when she was putting on her dress. Slowly but surely, she let her guard down and alongside that were her tears. It’s a special kind of high to be in this trade and witness that type of feeling throughout the summer. Enjoy their SDE!

Melissa + Chad | SDE

You can never get enough of a summer day at the Palm Event Center in Pleasanton, Ca. Great light to go with the sunset portraits and vineyard back drops. In 2012, I met Melissa and her sister, also the maid of honor, at a bridal show. Up until last week I did not realize how far back we had actually gone! I love hearing stories how we met in the past and all of a sudden we are days before your wedding day. Melissa and Chad, thank you for sharing you your family’s many dance talents! Also, kudos to those who got your favorite 90′s girl group “Pinay” to perform at your wedding!! Enjoy their SDE.

Cheryl + Tim | SDE

We are very fortunate to build solid relationships within a circle of friends. In fact, not just relationships, but friendships. We always enjoy seeing familiar faces and catching up a little. Especially, when there are new baby additions to the family! We’ve seen Cheryl and Tim in 3 other weddings and it was amazing to finally see their vows at the iconic City Hall of San Francisco. Enjoy the SDE. The men had many challenges to face and the girls definitely made them earn Cheryl’s hand!

Planning outdoor weddings in November can be risky. Venues like Palm Event Center that have indoor ceremony locations aka “the barrel room” that are just as lovely as the outdoor spots ensure a perfect wedding day no matter the weather. Luckily these two got the sunny day they wanted. They started off in San Francisco, where the boys had it easy for “door games” at the traditional, Chinese tea ceremony. Actually, they muscled their way into the entrance! I’ve never seen that happen, but it was quite amusing when it did. Enjoy the SDE.

Garman & Danny – SDE from Lumitone on Vimeo.

The details of a wedding create stories within themselves. From gifts to decor to their uniquely travel-themed reception, Angela & John put significance in everything. They held nothing back, and as the night progressed they treated their guests to a special duet performance that was probably the best I have ever seen at a wedding. Not surprising since she used to be a singer in a pop band! Enjoy the SDE!

Angela & John – SDE from Lumitone on Vimeo.

In our 7th year of business, it is becoming common to see our past couples in or at the wedding. It humbles us that we are referred by friends or families and it is a true testament to our mission of building relationships and capturing stories that last a lifetime. Four years ago we filmed the wedding of Dianne’s sister. We were thrilled to be invited back by their wonderful family and truly enjoyed being a part of Dianne and David’s special day.

Dianne & David – SDE from Lumitone on Vimeo.